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What is the Blind Tasting game?

Pago de Larrea has an original Blind Tasting game in which the participants can put their knowledge of the world of wine to the test in a fun way. The Caecus Tasting Game was singled out by Actualidad Económica magazine as one of the Top 100 Ideas of the year 2011.

The game consists of 6 bottles of wine featuring three different types: Caecus joven, Caecus crianza and Caecus reserva, three covers to hide the bottles, six wine tasting mats, a list of questions with the associated answers, and a useful wine tasting guide for consolidating and improving the participants’ wine knowledge.

How do you play?

During the game, the leader will manage the tasting and put their guests to the test (between 4 and 7 participants), as they taste the three types of wine and answer a set of questions about vineyards, production processes, tasting, etc. In the blind tasting, the participants must identify (with the bottles covered so that they cannot be recognised by the label) the three types of wine and also correctly answer as many questions as possible.

The winner of the game will be the person with the most correct answers in the tasting and, in the event of a tie, the winner will be the person who answers the most questions correctly.

El Manual de Cata

Blind Tasting by Pago de Larrea includes a small Tasting Guide which enables those enthusiasts that are least accustomed to the wine world, to learn the basic tasting concepts. Starting with a short introduction, the Guide includes tips for preparing the tasting (place, table, etc.), details the general phases of a tasting, from uncorking to scoring and explaining how far the glass must be filled and how it must be swirled once it is full, and concludes with a review of the relevance of the five senses to wine tasting and by defining their active participation. Sight, Smell, Taste, Touch and also, Hearing, are our companions on this adventure and we must know what they offer us.