Elciego - D.O.RIOJA - SPAIN

The view of critics and the media

Over the years, we have received many journalists and critics, oenologists and communicators who visit us or taste our wines with the aim of giving the market their particular view. We are very proud of some of these comments and tastings. We share them all with you here, although we reserve a special place for an article written by Juan Fernandez Cuesta in the ABC in September 2006.


"Certain confusions usually overvalue the environments of worlds in constant evolution, such as that of wine, of the grape, of the wisdom of the earth. Certain slights. An increased interest usually brings greater knowledge, experience...  No. Not here. Ignorance is usually put on the same level as having a Rioja and intelligence only comes if you opt for a Priorato, a Bierzo... Well, let’s be a little ignorant and enjoy wines from La Rioja. Inviting and pleasant, old and new, balanced. Wrapped in wood or by the wisest fruit. Let’s enjoy a Caecus.  Wine from Elciego, from the Larrea family, from the Rioja Alavesa region. A crianza wine full of tempranillo, a pleasing tempranillo where aromas of this wise fruit predominate alongside a faint hint of spices originating from the French and American oak barrels; full and generous in the mouth; in short, a wine which has an elegant smoothness to the end, with a long and persistent finish. Caecus (‘blind’, in Latin) is a tribute to Elciego. Caecus (pronounced "cecus") is the future. It is the dream of a family that in its day was responsible for the birth of Viña Salceda. Caecus is a red. A notable Rioja."

Article by Juan Fernández Cuesta published in ABC