Elciego - D.O.RIOJA - SPAIN

A magnificent vineyard beneath 'Miralobueno'

The estate is called La Romañíguez and it lies beneath a small mountain called Miralobueno. Popular culture once again plays its part; on this occasion with one of the most prosperous corners of Elciego.

The wine produced at Pago de Larrea is made only from grapes grown on the La Romañíguez single estate, owned exclusively by the Larrea family, and which allows our winery to have total confidence in the supply, in terms of the uniformity and highest quality of the product, the only determining factors being those related to the climatological variants that may occur each year.



The stocks were planted in 1980, in the case of the Tempranillo variety, the signature grape of the Rioja region, occupying 90% of the area.


The rest is made up of equal parts of the Grenache variety (above) and an experimental amount of Cabernet Sauvignon.